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The Importance of Hygiene Visits
Regular Dental Exams Purcellville VA
Getting your teeth cleaned regularly by our professional hygienist is your first step toward maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile for life. Even with proper brushing, plaque will remain in some areas of teeth, which leads to tartar and eventually decay. If tartar accumulates in the gums, it can turn into a serious problem for your teeth as well as other health conditions. Medical research has proven a link between advanced gum infection and life-threatening health problems like stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Have regular teeth cleanings to stay healthy!

‘Saving Hopeless Teeth
In the past, root canal procedures were something a patient avoided because the procedure was quite painful. But with today’s modern techniques and anesthetics, they are often painless and very manageable. A root canal will save a tooth, instead of losing it to extraction. This is important because missing even one tooth can cause problems for your remaining teeth.

We are very experienced in root canals. The essence of the procedure is to remove the pulp chamber in the interior of the tooth and replace it with a filling material. Sometimes a crown is placed over the tooth to give it added strength. Your tooth will be saved and regain its full functionality.

Senior Dental Care is Different

Senior Dental Care is Different
Dental Care for Seniors Purcellville VAJust like our bodies, our teeth will show the wear and tear of age. Plaque may build up, teeth will darken from years of caffeine and tobacco consumption, and fillings may crack or loosen. Gum disease is often a recurring problem for seniors, and a reduced flow of saliva often occurs for those who take certain medications. With regular check-ups, we can address all your needs before they reach an advanced stage.

We also stress proper daily oral hygiene and good nutrition for the best overall health. If your gums show signs of infection, such as they bleed easily, or if teeth start to loosen, please contact us immediately.

Digital X-rays for Clear, Accurate Images

Digital X-rays for Clear, Accurate Images
Digital Dental Xrays Purcellville VATraditional dental X-rays have been “good enough,” but with today’s dental technology, a more accurate diagnosis is required. Digital X-rays provide clearer and much more accurate pictures of what’s going on inside a patient’s mouth. This allows for a more accurate diagnosis. Leaks or breaks in fillings that used to go unnoticed, often leading to root canals, can now be found and treated before major damage is done.

Digital X-ray technology also produces up to 75% less radiation than earlier methods. Traditional X-rays are and always have been perfectly safe, but the problem was that some people were nervous about the amount of radiation they were receiving in the dental office. This new technology greatly reduces this concern. And what’s more, there’s no waiting for the X-ray to develop. Extremely accurate pictures are available instantly and can be stored on the computer, where they will always be available.

If it’s time for your next cleaning, or if you’re ready to schedule a no cost/no obligation consultation, call us now at (540) 338-0110.

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